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I am Clarisse Dumas, a French artist based in New York who specializes in drawing. I am inspired by my daydreams and the tropical forests from my home, in the Caribbean. I listen to the stories they tell me and create personal myths.
was featured in various artistic events and gallery shows in France, New York, and around the states. I am the winner of awards and honors like the Manhattan Graphics Center Artist Scholarship, the New York University Academic training program, and the Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Foundation Scholarship for La Sorbonne Exchange Program (MAVI) at NYU.


I have a very academic education since I studied Art History, art restoration and conservation at the school of Louvre (Paris), as well as academic drawing and painting at the Conservatory of Drawing and Painting of Paris (CDPP), hoping to work as an art restorer. Then, I was initiated to contemporary drawing at l'Atelier de Sèvres (Preparatory school of Fine Art in Paris) and decided to become a contemporary artist. I obtained my BFA in Fine Arts and MA (MAVI) from La Sorbonne in Paris and defended my Master's thesis in New York as I was an exchange student at the New York University (NYU) at this time.