© Clarisse Dumas alias glitch the void.

t h e  v o i d

C L A R I S S E   D U M A S

I am a French draftsperson and visual searcher based in New York.

I have been featured in multiple group exhi-bitions in Paris and New York and won a full scholarship for an international exch-ange between La Sorbonne (Paris) and New York University, I hold a Master in Arts & Sciences from La Sorbonne ever since.

I tend to explore other fields in sciences since I play with the deception of perception or any type of images captors which create every kind of alteration. 

From the sight (eyes), to the memory (eyes, brain, body, other senses...)the imprint (body, mind), the mechanical retina of a camera (photography) or other screens (printmaking, computer), I try to decorticate the elaborate and intricate canvas of what we call reality to create a rift on its surface, involving the concept idea of "inframince" (Marcel Duchamp), a sort of in-between which would lead to open a breach to another state of comprehension.

Other experiments have to follow.